BCB Program – Hawai’i

Perhaps one of the greatest adventures in human history was the exploration and settlement of Polynesia.

Join us for a cultural exploration experience unlike any other as your students learn about volcanology, ecology, astronomy, Polynesian navigation, and culture from Hawaii.  

The Building Cultural Bridges Program focuses on getting middle school (Grades 5-8) students to connect across the globe. The connections between students and teachers center on intercultural exchange, learning about one another, their communities, and much more. Through the introduction of the Project-Based Learning pedagogy, students collaborate to identify mutual joint projects that over the course of the project period, build the 21st Century Skills needed to thrive in the quick-moving world we live in.

By connecting to students and communities in Hawaii, classrooms are opening up a world of exploration and curiosity. Being the 50th state to join the United States, Hawaii offers a distinctive culture that extends back to 400 A.D., when Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands, 2000 miles away, traveled to Hawaii’s Big Island in canoes. Highly skilled farmers and fishermen, Hawaiians lived in small communities ruled by chieftains who battled against one another for territory.

Join Educators of America’s Building Cultural Bridges program and connect your classroom to the extensive, inspiring, and authentic Hawaiian culture today.

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