Kids in the Kitchen Training Program

Educators of America co-sponsors the Kids in the Kitchen Training Program of the Joe Lang Foundation. The Kids in the Kitchen Training Program was created to serve high school-aged students in Buffalo and Western New York who are at-risk for failing or dropping out of their studies.

Kids in the Kitchen (or KIK) provide students with an inspiring STEAM (Science, English Language Arts, Art, Math) curriculum that assists in the development of culinary, entrepreneurial, and survival skills in a caring and nurturing environment.

Through the KIK training program, each student will be taught basic culinary skills, budget creation, inventory management, and how to cook for others. They will be developing their own menu book while understanding the science behind each menu plan they create. The student will learn to work independently and in a team setting. Whether the student has missed significant school time, has fallen behind in their classwork, needs extra work to offset failing grades, or needs a hands-on approach in learning, KIK provides all of that through the process of alternative learning. If they are socially inept and unwilling to participate in the traditional classroom because their reading level is below average or they are lacking interest in a traditional classroom, KIK is a method of learning that helps builds the confidence the student may be lacking. 

Each student will obtain extra credit to use toward any missed academic grades, have access to earning their high school diploma, and walk away with ready-to-work skills in the hospitality industry. KIK provides students the opportunity to improve their listening, time management, bookkeeping, scheduling, inventory, customer service, and self-marketing skills.

Additionally, the KIK Program will also provide job readiness by obtaining real-life work skills. The student will be mentored through the program. Tutoring can be made available if the student needs more help with any of the course work, e.g., Science, English, and Math.

At the end of each week, students will have the opportunity to take home a hot meal that they’ve prepared themselves. 

KIK has inspired and assisted students across Buffalo, NY to overcome a variety of academic and personal challenges. Through KIK, students are better prepared for the future of their academic careers as well as professional ones.

For more information on the Kids in the Kitchen Program, contact The Joe Lang Foundation today.

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