Meet Our Team

Educators of America Program Leadership

Justin Potter
Program Manager

Justin is a dynamic and dedicated Program Manager with a proven track record of spearheading transformative professional development initiatives across diverse cultural landscapes. With a passion for building communities, fostering growth, and an insatiable curiosity for new experiences, Justin has become a driving force in the field of education and professional enhancement. Justin’s journey in professional development has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the globalized nature of education.

Having facilitated programs not only across the United States but also in Namibia and the Marshall Islands, he has honed his ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds, fostering a culture of learning that transcends borders. A true adventurer at heart, Justin approaches each new project with enthusiasm and a genuine eagerness to experience new things. Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of a local education system or immersing himself in a new cultural setting, Justin’s open-minded approach adds a unique and valuable dimension to his work.

Our National Faculty

Eric Rowe
National Faculty

As the former Head of Schools at Alabama Aerospace & Aviation High School, Eric Rowe brings over 28 years of educational experience, with a dedicated focus on equity, diversity, and liberation. Possessing a Principal K-12 certification and two master’s degrees in secondary education and educational leadership and administration, he is driven by a passion for developing programs that provide rigorous, joyful, and personalized learning experiences for students, families, and community partners.

Eric has a proven track record of facilitating communities of practice, coaching educators, and collaborating with charter school networks to ensure both academic success and the implementation of pro-Black policies. Notably, he co-founded and served as the former co-president of the Denver School Leaders Association, playing a pivotal role in Colorado’s first union advocating for principals and assistant principals. Eric Rowe navigates the world as a Black man, partner, father, educator, and equity designer. He firmly believes that teaching is both an art and a science, recognizing its paramount importance as a calling to utilize his gifts in the service of others.

Ceinwen Bushey
National Faculty

With over 11 years devoted to shaping young minds in the field of public education, Ceinwen Bushey is a seasoned teacher with a rich tapestry of international experience. Drawing from her years in dual-language education in Guatemala and Colombia, and outdoor education in Costa Rica, she brings a global perspective to her pedagogical approach. Ceinwen’s dedication to fostering immersive and engaging learning environments is evident in her enthusiastic commitment to project-based learning methodologies.

Ceinwen’s teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that education should be a transformative and inclusive experience. She advocates for project-based learning as a cornerstone, fostering an environment where students actively engage in real-world challenges, promoting critical thinking and collaboration. Through an equity lens, she strives to create a classroom that acknowledges and values diverse perspectives, ensuring every student feels seen and heard. By centering her approach on student needs and interests, she aims to empower them as active participants in their learning journey, fostering a sense of ownership and intrinsic motivation. This student-centered approach not only cultivates a passion for learning but also equips students with the skills and confidence needed for success in an ever-evolving world.

Ceinwen holds a Bachelor’s in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Washington and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Seattle University. Beyond the classroom, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors on foot and skis, spending time with her dog, and traveling abroad.

Huston Mgbemena
National Faculty

Huston Mgbemena is the proud founder and school leader of the Lenora Butler Rolla School of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Historic Southside community of Fort Worth. A product of Alief ISD in Alief, Texas, an urban suburb of Houston, Huston’s upbringing in a community undergoing demographic shifts profoundly shaped his perspective. As an educator and nonprofit practitioner for 14 years, he is dedicated to serving underserved black and brown communities.

Huston’s educational philosophy is rooted in restoration and innovation, emphasizing creative and conceptual learning experiences. He is a project-based learning expert who recognizes the transformative power of practical applications. For instance, he highlights the impact of teaching the Pythagorean Theorem through designing model houses, which later transition into actual homes for those in need through partnerships with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

What sets Huston apart is his disruptive vision for education and community development. He sees schools not just as educational institutions but as conduits for providing resources and funding to address racially motivated socioeconomic disparities. His goal is to empower scholars as innovators, project designers, and community managers, providing them with world-class development to support and transform their communities in real-time. Despite the audacity of his vision, Huston believes in the feasibility of creating innovative cities of the future, emphasizing the importance of authentic relationships and shared visions in achieving these goals, one project at a time.

Kathleen Murdock, Ed.S.
National Faculty

Kathleen Murdock, Ed.S., is a certified education leader with over 13 years of experience in early childhood and elementary education. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree at National University, she holds an Educational Specialist degree in School Leadership, a Master of Arts in Reading, Language, and Literacy, and a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education/ESOL. In her role as an independent Professional Education Learning Consultant, Kathleen provides dynamic professional learning experiences that holistically support teachers and enhance their instructional practices. With digital fluency and effective facilitation skills, she empowers educators to excel.

As the former Director of Teacher Engagement, Kathleen led the development of a project-based learning pathway for STEM/STEAM teaching. She collaborated across functions, supporting over 75 teachers in adopting instructional best practices. Her achievements include building a coaching team that delivered customized coaching experiences. Throughout her career, Kathleen has consistently advocated for meaningful and equitable learning experiences. From her roles as a reading specialist, RTI/MTSS School Level Coordinator, to a classroom teacher, she demonstrates a steadfast commitment to supporting teachers and fostering transformative education.

Michellea Millis Rucker
National Faculty

Michellea “Redbird” Millis Rucker is an expert in transformational leadership coaching, facilitation, leadership development, and thought partnership (consulting). As a scholar-activist, her coaching stance and philosophy lean into leader identity aligned with beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being. She has over 21 years of experience in education, 10 years in non-profit administration, and 10 years as an edupreneur. She is an experienced Instructional, Leadership Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coach. She is an ICF ACC specializing in transformational leadership, performance coaching, and diversity equity and inclusion certified (DEIC).

She has a BA Degree in Organizational Management, MS in Managerial Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni with a focus on Leadership and Data and completing another Master’s in Educational Leadership and Ed.D. Doctoral Candidate in Leadership (anticipated graduation date 2024). Recently, she was featured in the September 2020 edition of the Excelligent Magazine as a Global Education Influencer. She is the Founder and CEO of Transforming Our Practice, LLC, and also a certified LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY® Methods Facilitator.

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