Professional Development for Teachers

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Creating Effective & Engaging Teachers

Being a teacher or educator is a constant learning experience. From teaching new methods or subjects to continually adapting to different students’ abilities, the role of a teacher is consistently in flux. Furthermore, with technology playing a significant function in students’ daily lives, there is a multitude of opportunities to turn useful technology into engaging classroom lessons.

Educators of America is committed to the professional development of teachers and educators through classroom technology training sessions, curriculum integration, and lesson planning. By unveiling the potential of education technology and the proper methods in which it can be integrated, students and teachers alike will be able to rediscover their passion for learning while opening new avenues for achievement and success.

In addition to professional development, Educators of America is certified in BIE Project Based Learning training for teachers and educators. Project-Based Learning is a highly effective teaching method that encourages students to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills while promoting resourcefulness. Using Project-Based Learning also helps teachers connect on a deeper level with their students so they can provide genuine assistance and rediscover their passion for teaching.

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