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Helping Schools & Teachers Successfully Integrate Technology Into Everyday Lessons

Classroom technology is constantly evolving. Innovation in wireless technology, cloud computing, BlueTooth capability, and more is capturing the attention of our population, both young and old. Younger generations are increasingly becoming conditioned to use technology in everyday life; including the classroom. Despite younger students becoming increasingly comfortable with new technology, some classrooms and teachers do not share the same level of familiarity.​ This schism can cause an educational rift.

We are dedicated to bringing schools, classrooms, and teachers to a confidential level of educational technology familiarity and usage. Our professional development and training service allows education professionals and teachers to become immersed with new classroom technology ranging from interactive whiteboards and touch screen tablets to 3D STEM labs and cloud computing.

Common EdTech Questions:

  • How can edtech improve student engagement?
  • What are better ways to encourage its use to improve student achievement while triggering teachers’ desire to teach?
  • Which edtech products spur creativity in the classroom?
  • How does it all incorporate into our curriculum?

All of us at Educators of America are teachers.  Let us help you integrate your school’s technology into your existing lesson plans.  Put our vast experience with thousands of different technology tools and our years in the classroom teaching to use.  Our professional educators will spend a day, week, or month with faculty at your school helping them integrate the technology taxpayers have invested in with the ultimate intention of helping students increase achievement.

​Take the initiative and be the difference when it comes to technology and development in the classroom. Here at Educators of America, we look forward to guiding teachers, administrators, and districts to the new horizon of endless opportunities with advanced educational technology. If you’re interested in classroom technology training and professional development to take your school to the next level of student achievement, contact us today.

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