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What exactly is a white paper? Great question!

The answer may differ from industry to industry but generally, a white paper is a document that supports a theory or usage of a particular technology. In the education technology industry, a white paper supports (and is usually persuasive and very in-depth) a type of edtech ranging from VR to software. Additionally, an edtech white paper will showcase how a particular edtech is implemented in schools and the usage of it by both teachers and students.

The aim of an education technology white paper is to inform the public or interested parties about the education technology and to effectively persuade them about the effectiveness of the presented product/service. What a white paper is not meant for is to market or advertise a product to increase sales.

Yes, it’s a fine line but a white paper is based on evidence and research which is simply meant to inform consumers about a particular edtech and its efficacy in the classroom.

So, how do Educators of America help?

Wow, asking all the right questions.

At Educators of America, our research department, staffed by Ph.D.’s and a complete research team, are able to undertake studies that produce white papers for your education technology product or service. We work with you on developing the study, comprehending variables and controls, and study length.

Once all details of the research have been solidified, checked, re-checked and checked again, we begin implementing the study and perform M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation). After the closure of the study, our research team will begin to develop and write the white paper.

Depending on the length, intensity, and location of the study, the white paper publication can vary in time.

If you’re looking to have a white paper published about your classroom technology product or service, contact Educators of America today and we can set up an introductory phone call.

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