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Our Impact

Educators of America impact has reached all across the United States, from California to Virginia, New York to Nevada and in towns and cities in between. On the international stage, Educators of America have had a significant impact in the Southern African nation of Namibia where our Building Cultural Bridges program is expanding throughout the country.

Through our micro-grant program, professional development & teacher training, and the Building Cultural Bridges program, we have positively impacted hundreds of teachers and thousands of students; both within the United States and internationally.

From our humble beginnings in 2015, we are proud to keep striving to positively change the face of education for students and teachers all across the US and the world. Through small steps, hard work, and determination, we are committed to making long-term impacts in advancing education to foster higher achievement for students and better engagement for teachers.

White Papers

Empirical research is key to paving the way forward with effective classroom technology and engaging instructional methods. How do we know if something works if it hasn’t been tested properly?

This is where our Ph.D. research team comes in. Through professionally designed and executed studies, Educators of America is able to perform pilot studies incorporating new classroom technology into a variety of institutions thus producing results based on real-life scenarios and variables.

To discover more about our White Papers publication and research methodology, head to the White Papers page for details.

Success Stories

Witnessing students incorporate classroom technology into their own self-directed projects gives us the sensation that the futures which lie ahead for not only the United States but humankind are in good hands.

Watching students from completely opposite hemispheres interact, ask questions, laugh, and smile as they realize that despite their differences, they both may dislike the same vegetable, is awe-inspiring.

Educators of America, albeit still growing, has quite the number of success stories and impacts. To read more about them, click here.

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