Our Impact & Success Stories

MicroGrant Program

Since 2015, Educators of America (EOA) has fulfilled over 30 MicroGrant requests for schools across the United States. Ranging from New York to California, from Chromebooks and tablets to Electronic Whiteboards and 3D Printing Machines, the EOA micro-grant program has expanded the opportunities for teachers to incorporate education technology into their classrooms to improve student engagement and achievement.

Our grants team carefully reviews and selects applicants that are long term visionaries for technology in education and have critically reviewed how they’re going to implement, use and promote education technology within their schools. EOA evaluates each applicant’s proposal and then they are approved by the Board of Directors for fulfillment.

Project-Based Learning Certification Impact

Teachers, students, administrators and communities all over the United States have benefitted from EOA’s Project-Based Learning Certification workshops and coaching support. Providing teachers and students with an effective pedagogy in which drives critical thinking and collaboration facilitates the growth of new opportunities, innovation, and student engagement.

Learn more about Project-Based Learning and how to involve it in your school today!

Building Cultural Bridges Program

Stretching over oceans and hemispheres, the Building Cultural Bridges (BCB) Program has already exposed hundreds of students in New York and Nevada to their counterparts in Namibia. Middle and High School students have been discovering the world beyond their communities in subjects of education, language, culture, and more.

As the program has progressed, American and Namibian students are collaborating on projects focused on water security, agriculture, environmental conservation, and more. The linguistically and culturally responsive environments that the BCB Program has developed are encouraging students to learn more about Namibia and the African continent as well as sparking interest in international travel and programs.

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