Thank You Kars4Kids!

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our greatest thanks to Kars4Kids for their recent grant given to Educators of America! Our organization operates completely on public donations and grants; to receive a grant from such a renowned charity is humbling and example of genuine generosity.

For those who are not familiar with Kars4Kids, they are a nonprofit Jewish organization whose mission to help children all across the US develop into productive members of their communities. Through their creative and savvy fundraising methods, they have been able to provide a steady flow of revenue to their charity programs.

By using car donations rather than traditional fundraising methods, they have been able to process car donations in-house, which thus allows all proceeds from each donation to straight into their multiple charities. Not only do they accept car donations, but also boats and real estate.

We are inspired by their tireless efforts to contribute to their charity programs and admire their ingenious approach to fundraising. As a nonprofit ourselves, we look forward to coming up with our own innovative technique to fundraising and developing a relationship with the Kars4Kids organization.

Once again, Educators of America extends the utmost gratitude to Kars4Kids, welcomes them as a Silver Sponsor, and is ready to put their grant toward getting the technology teachers need to improve student engagement and achievement throughout the US.

For more information on Kars4Kids, visit their websiteFacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter!


If your organization or charity is interested in contributing to Educators of America or becoming a sponsor, please contact us today or visit our donate page. Thank you!



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