Why Giving Tuesday is Needed Now More Than Ever

Yes, we all love Black Friday. The deals, the excitement, the ability to get a flat screen for an unbelievably low price…How can you not get excited about 50% off everything at Old Navy?

Then there’s Cyber Monday. It’s time to shop online until your eyes can differentiate color options on the screen anymore. Free shipping you say? *Click* Added to Cart. It’s easy and efficient shopping for the holidays.

Yet, following the potential buyers remorse of Black Friday, the unexpected shipping fee you got stuck with from buying online, and the panic of forgetting to buy a family member a gift….something genuine appears.

What is it? It’s Giving Tuesday. And it’s on November 29th.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving powered by collaboration, the human spirit, and social media.

Whether you are giving your time, a gift, a donation or simply the power of kindness in your local community…Giving Tuesday is a way to give back. It is a way to shake off those post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday blues and come together with friends, family, or your community to create positivity.

There is a philanthropic trait in all of us. Giving Tuesday is a day to show it. To let it grow. To share it with others around you. It’s a time to set aside differences, offer expertise, collaborate and work tirelessly to overcome local and global challenges.

Combining nonprofits, corporations, businesses, community leaders and more are much stronger together than divided. Especially in a time when the US has seen a drastic polarization between its people over the last 18 months. If more than 40,000 organizations in 71 countries can join together on Giving Tuesday, the citizens of the United States can cooperate with one another to better education, fight hunger, stop the spread of disease, and promote peace.

Last year over:

700,000 People

Raised Online:


In over:

70 Countries

Be a part of Giving Tuesday. Take November 29th to join a cause you believe in.

Take the time to help out an organization in need.

Give your time to someone who deserves it.

Donate to a cause that you can get behind.

Collaborate and cooperate with someone who is different than you.

Make an impact this November 29th. Make it a day that you went home at night knowing you did something positive.

If you feel that donating to our organization is the giving you want to do, we’d appreciate that. But regardless if you do or don’t, give back in some way. It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest impact.

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