Paradise Based Learning Schedule

Meeting us out in Hawaii for Paradise Based Learning 2024?

Here’s what to expect!

This three-day deep learning workshop promises a transformative and insightful journey with three days dedicated to empowering workshops and an optional immersive experience day, diving into experiential learning on the Island of Hawaii. Designed with a maximum capacity of 150 guests, and cohorts of 25 members per track, all guests are ensured an intimate and impactful workshop.

Three Days of Workshops:

Immerse yourself in a deep learning experience on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, where a diverse range of workshop tracks await. Our expert facilitators will guide you through the latest proven methodologies in education, emphasizing culturally responsive learning environments, experiential and project-based learning, and creating more equitable learning environments. Collaborate with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights, and acquire practical tools to implement in your classrooms.

Optional One Day of Immersive Experiential Learning on the Island of Hawaii:

On Wednesday, Paradise Based Learning takes the workshop beyond the traditional classroom setting to the conducive learning environment of the Island of Hawaii. Engage in experiential learning by participating in a deep learning experience facilitated by an expert interpretive guide. Wrapped into the workshop components, this experience is intended to let our guests explore new ideas from their observations on this purposeful excursion.

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