Paradise Based Learning Workshop Tracks

Paradise Based Learning Workshop Tracks

The Workshop Track offerings at Paradise Based Learning are designed to serve the needs of teachers, counselors, administrators, district personnel, and non-profit professionals. Challenge yourself in the realm of experiential learning, project-based learning, design thinking, and the creation of culturally responsive learning environments. Engage in hands-on projects, design sprints, and envision ideal learning spaces, leaving you with tangible plans that will elevate your practice.

CEUs earned through the University of the Pacific.

Workshop Tracks

Navigating PBL: A Beginner’s Guide

Facilitated by Kathleen Murdock and Ceinwen Bushey, National Faculty

  • This immersive track serves as a comprehensive introduction to Project-Based Learning (PBL) within a collaborative and interactive setting. Through a series of engaging sessions, teachers are equipped with the essential building blocks of High-Quality Project-Based Learning. Throughout the track, participants delve into the core principles and non-negotiable pillars of PBL, gaining a profound understanding of its transformative potential in educational settings. Teachers are guided through the process of fostering a vibrant PBL culture within their classrooms, exploring methodologies to seamlessly align PBL units with educational standards while preserving creativity and student autonomy.
  • By the end of the track, attendees emerge with a robust toolkit, ready to implement PBL with confidence and efficacy. They leave with a clear roadmap for designing and facilitating PBL lessons that are not only rigorous and standards-aligned but also engaging and meaningful for their students. Through hands-on activities, collaborative discussions, and practical exercises, educators develop a deep understanding of how to design, implement, and assess PBL experiences that spark curiosity, foster critical thinking, and ignite a passion for learning in their students. This track empowers teachers to harness the full potential of Project-Based Learning as a transformative pedagogical approach that prepares students for success in an ever-evolving world.
  • CEU/PDU Eligibility: 2

Beyond the Band-Aid: Authentically Repairing Harm

Facilitated by Michellea “Redbird” Millis Rucker, National Faculty

  • We often think about how students can repair harm to another student who has suffered at the choices of another student. However, we rarely consider that as adults, we must model repairing harm in our daily walk as educational leaders to cultivate, nurture, and sustain a restorative culture. In this workshop, we explore, experience, and develop repairing harm processes and philosophies as an impetus to becoming repairing harm advocates and activists. This workshop track is intended for Master/Lead Teachers,  Instructional Coaches, Principals, Superintendents, and School Leaders.
  • CEU/PDU Eligibility: 2

Fractals: An Equitable Approach to Student Centered Learning

Facilitated by Erie Rowe, National Faculty

  • This experience is designed to support leadership teams of schools and non-profit organizations in creating student-centered pilot programs within their existing schools and organizations. Participants will leave with the tools to create equitable learning experiences for all students by:
    • Identifying and defining a problem of practice within their local context
    • Center healing and restoration by sharing stories of participant experiences within their organizations
    • Co-create a pilot program to address the problem of practice within the organization or community
  • CEU/PDU Eligibility: 2

PBL Step II: From Padawan to Jedi

Facilitated by Huston Mgbemena, National Faculty

  • “I have gone through a foundational project-based learning experience already. I have implemented my project with mixed results. What’s next?”Many educators have asked this question and have looked for next steps in their project-based learning journey. You have come to the right place. Take a journey with Huston Mgbemena, project-based learning expert and education consultant as he dives into the natural steps towards revising a completed project as well as using former projects as a template to create a better design.The key deliverable we hope to accomplish is a ready to implement project that is planned out on project calendars with strong general action steps that will ensure implementation in 3 months.This will be a thrilling 3-day experience that will give more clarity on the project design process. It will create a rigorously safe and vulnerable space to fail forward. And you will move one step closer to becoming a Jedi Master in the PBL universe!The overall objectives of this PBL experience are:
    • Deepen participants knowledge of gold standard PBL
    • Test and improve project prototypes
    • Heighten elements of equity
  • CEU/PDU Eligibility: 2

Driving Deeper Engagement in STEM

Facilitated by Ben Owens, Open Way Learning (OWL)

  • Imagine hearing your science, technology, engineering, or math students exclaim, “This class is really cool!” instead of the all-too-familiar refrain, “I’m not a STEM person.” This highly collaborative workshop is designed for educators who are ready to make this paradigm shift happen by embracing an Experiential STEM Mindset. In this workshop, we will model the principles of design thinking as we explore the elements of High Quality Project-Based Learning, real-world “Strategies That Engage Minds” example projects and activities, and research other proven, experiential approaches that help students make routine, authentic connections to key STEM concepts. Every participant will co-design a customized Experiential STEM Mindset strategy for their  own classroom and context – one that leverages local assets, while “shrinking the change” toward learner-centered strategies that enhance student engagement, build durable skills (e.g. critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.), and boost academic confidence. Join us as we transform the way STEM is taught and learned, creating an empathetic, asset-based environment where every student sees renewed joy, wonder, and connections in what they experience in school, as well as in real life.
  • CEU/PDU Eligibility: 2

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