Continuing Education Units / Professional Development Units at Paradise Based Learning 2024

Welcome to Paradise-Based Learning, where educators embark on a journey of professional growth and inspiration. We’re excited to offer teachers the opportunity to earn 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by participating in our transformative workshops. Our workshops are designed to empower educators with innovative teaching strategies, hands-on experiences, and a deep dive into educational paradigms. Additional fees apply for these graduate level credits and more details are in the link below.

How to Earn Your CEUs:

  1. Participate in Workshops: Attend and participate in any of our workshops at Paradise Based Learning. Engage with our expert facilitators, collaborate with peers, and immerse yourself in the rich educational content designed to enhance your teaching practices. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  2. Receive Certificate of Completion: At the conclusion of Paradise Based Learning, participants will receive a certificate to signify their successful completion of their specific workshop track.
  3. Complete CEU Registration: To earn the full 2 CEUs, all teachers or attendees must complete the CEU Registration process through our partner, Courses4Teachers by clicking here. You will need to upload your certificate of completion during this registration process. Additional fees apply for these graduate level credits. Please ensure they will be accepted by your school and/or district for credential renewal / salary steps before completing this process.

Why Choose Paradise Based Learning?

  • Innovative Content: Our workshops are crafted to provide cutting-edge insights and practical tools that can be immediately applied in the classroom.
  • Experiential Learning: Immerse yourself in experiential learning, where the rich environment of Hawaii becomes your classroom.
  • Inspiring Environments: Explore dynamic learning environments, design thinking, and project-based learning to create spaces that foster creativity and exploration.
  • Expert Facilitators: Learn from experienced facilitators and collaborate with renowned partners to enhance your teaching skills.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Education:

Paradise Based Learning is not just a workshop; it’s a platform for educators to rejuvenate their passion for teaching and earn valuable CEUs. Seize this opportunity to transform your teaching and earn recognition for your commitment to professional development. Register for and complete your workshop track, complete the CEU Registration, and earn credit and recognition for your professional development.

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