Connected: A Photo Series from the Building Cultural Bridges Program

“When we take the time to learn from one another, to stand in one another’s shoes, and to actively listen, really listen – real change is possible.”

– 6th Grade Student in the BCB Program, Buffalo, NY

Over the next two weeks, we will be presenting Connected. Connected is a series of photographs taken from our Building Cultural Bridges program that showcases the power of openness, empathy, and cultural competency. Students who have participated in the BCB program report that they are more open-minded, curious to learn about the world through a different point-of-view, and have much to learn from people with different cultural backgrounds than their own. These students are agents of positive change, for their schools, for their communities, for the world.

We will update this blog post with each photograph on the day that they are published on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). For the latest updates on the Connected campaign, please follow our social media!

Education is an incredibly powerful tool and when it is shared across cultures, races, religions, ethnicities, and genders, it becomes even more powerful.

Let’s keep everyone Connected. We have set up a fundraiser on Facebook to help connect another school in Western New York to their counterpart school in Namibia. Our goal is $1,000 and any amount helps. Thank you in advance – your support is empowering students to become better future leaders and community members.

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