Educators of America Donation to Cheektowaga Central Schools

We are very proud to present the Cheektowaga Central School District with a brand new mobile computer lab courtesy of Educators of America and the Joe Lang Foundation! Cheektowaga Central School District will receive 24 new Google Chromebooks, educational software, and all the necessary licenses that will allow students to access web-based curriculum materials. Additionally, teachers will be able to connect with students through this web-based technology to assist them in going beyond their learning potential.

The classroom technology grant accepted by the Cheektowaga Central School Board was made possible by the Joe Lang Foundation. The Joe Lang Foundation is a Buffalo based foundation whose mission is “putting kids first” in the Western New York community and is committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children. The foundation has taken part in constructing and funding community centers, children’s gyms and exercise centers, and raising money for scholarships throughout Buffalo. Mike Lang, a spokesperson for the Joe Lang Foundation had this to say about the Cheektowaga Central School District donation and partnership with Educators of America…

“This partnership with Educators of America has allowed us to further achieve our mission by extending our reach to help children and teachers in the classroom. We are looking forward to seeing the impact we can have with students through our partnership with Educators of America.”

We are excited to see the positive responses from both teachers and students alike through this donation. Furthermore, we are hoping that this donation, in conjunction with the Capital Outlay Project shared by District Superintendent Mary Morris, can help facilitate student growth and contribute to overall educational achievement within Cheektowaga Central Schools.

A special notion of gratitude to our friends at Troxell Communications as well for their sponsorship to help make this donation possible.

Interested in getting an educational technology donation to your school district? Contact Educators of America today or visit our grant application page for further details!

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