Introducing our new Corporate Sponsor, Office Depot!

We would like to introduce and give our greatest gratitude to our brand new Corporate Sponsor, Office Depot. The establishment of our new partnership with Office Depot was facilitated by the foundation, Feed the Children. Feed the Children was instrumental in connecting Educators of America and Office Depot as they understood our needs as a nonprofit and the crucial technology resources Office Depot offers.

We cannot express how fortunate and thankful we are for having Office Depot become an invaluable part of the Educators of America Corporate Sponsorship team; especially at this time of the year when giving is more important than ever.

The partnership between Educators of America and Office Depot will mean more effective supplies such as printers, projectors, papers, pens, document cameras, and even computers and tablets, can be donated to schools, teachers, and students in need.

Through Office Depot, Educators of America will have a steady supply of products to fill microgrant requests that we receive throughout the year. With more products available, we will be able to provide the necessary classroom technology resources and equipment to teachers who are seeking to use technology to further education and improve student achievement.

Again, we are unbelievably thankful to have Office Depot join the Educators of America Corporate Sponsorship team. We look forward to fulfilling more microgrant requests moving forward and nurturing this one-of-a-kind opportunity in order to inspire teachers to empower students with the proper technology to achieve more than they ever could.

Thank you Office Depot, you are helping current and future students solve community issues and overcome real-world challenges.



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